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+12089347311  - Gooding, ID
2/9/17 6:13 PM 2 years ago
+12089347311: MMS Received

4:49 PM +12089347311: MMS Received

4:50 PM +12089347311: This is a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with a five seven engine this is an ignition switch module


+12089347311   - Gooding, ID
8/5/19 3:44 PM +12089347311: Switch works good it starts the vehicle with no problem it just indicates that the keys in it all the time even when it's off but if I play with it and tap on it it turns off must be that Slater sticking where the key goes in you think I could spray it

2:46 PM Me: It's hard to say the parts that move are plastic and I added a lil Vaseline to help it move but I didn't want to put hardly any so it does't mess with the contacts. If it is working ok maybe give it a few days to be checked just in case it doesn't work right.

6:09 PM Me: Hey how is that ignition switch we repaired for you in 2017??

2:25 PM +12089347311: Still working

2:26 PM Me: So it a good fix

3:42 PM Me: Can I add your story to the happy customer page

3:42 PM Me: P05026533AJ Dodge Ignition Module??

3:43 PM +12089347311: Yes

3:44 PM Me: Great Thanks and if you need me use my other # 770-676-2973