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Dear Thomas,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other Details of the Recommendation: "January 4, 2012

To Thomas Thompson
World ECM
From Dave Knight 
Richmondville, N.Y. 12149

Dear Tom,
I’m sending this letter to thank you for your Excellent Service! In this day and age it is so important when purchasing something that the service is behind it. I know I’m only one customer but a very happy one. After installing what I thought was the right Body Control Module in my handicapped van, it turned out to be the wrong one. The local Chrysler Dealer, by mistake, told me I needed the one you sent. I didn’t know and they missed the fact that Chrysler changed the Body Control Modules mid year in 1999. After installing it and finding that it was the wrong one, I contacted you. Most businesses would have told me sorry, you gave me the number but you didn’t. You were extremely honorable and backed up your warranty by rebuilding my original one at no cost, except for shipping. Everything you did was expedited with the utmost speed and urgency. As I am a wheelchair bound paraplegic, this was very important to me as my van is my only means of transportation. Mr Thompson, I have been shouting your praise to every auto parts house and dealer I come in contact with. Thank you so much for your help, the minimal cost of your products the speed of which you conduct your business and above all, your Honesty and Integrity. 


David W Knight