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+12099865643:Stockton CA
12/29/16 10:59 AM +12099865643: Hi Tom any luck on that computer
12:05 PMMe: yes I had one sent in for me to check over but it wasn't going to be good enough so I have 2 more coming they should be here next week and we can wrap this order up
 12:08 PM +12099865643: Ok thanks Tom have good weekend
12:25 PM Me: Ty John
12:43 PM Me: Hey John Hope you Had a Merry Christmas
12:55 PM +12099865643: I did thank you

1:37 PM Me: How did that ECM we sent you for the 1997 international DT466E

1:52 PM +12099865643: worked just fine thank you
2:11 PM Me: Good happy to know...
2:29 PM Me: Hey John can I add you to the Happy Customer page?