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DDEC34 R&R Liftime Warranty Splash

2003 Freightliner  ECM# R23519307

14847197394 - Allentown, PA
4/21/15 9:21 AM 40 minutes ago
Hi, This message is for Tom, My name is NEIL, Primus. My number is (484) 719-XXXX  I have a 8 E C M proble I need one on you wanna get something like that is  for 03 Freightliner. The ECM has a easier on it and last 6 of them is ECM  15185. It's at feedback for would be easier. If you call me back. I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

Hey Tom, This is Neil man. And my wife just called the part has come in. I appreciate everything you did. So I guess I just need to have it programed. Alright thank you again I appreciate everything you have done. Thank you.