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91 Stealth


OKay Todd has a 1991 Dodge stealth with Turbo and his computer died..
4/27/2015 19:32:55
Todd Gates
Milford, OH 45150
1991 Stealth ECM# MD159963
Tom T <>
Jun 2 (2 days ago) to tmgates
OKAY that's great to hear... Can I add your comment to the Happy Customer page??

Todd Gates <>
Jun 2 (2 days ago) to me
O.K. with me

Todd Gates <>
Jun 1 (3 days ago) to me
Finally got ECM installed. Ran into a few problems (not with ECM) the solution of which required replacing a bad relay. Currently everything appears to be working fine. The ABS problem was simply a disconnected wire. So at present we're good to go. Thanks for your help.

Runs fine. No current problems.