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Dj Pat45
I know Dj Pat forever he's a great professional DJ. He let me know he needed help on his Jeep ECM so I was able to find him a great replacement unit..

Hi Tom,

I got the computer new rebuilt computer for my jeep and just plugged it back in and it started right up! I feel like I have more power and it's getting better gas mileage too. I had checked the dealer for a price and they wanted a few hundred more then yours cost me. Thank you for a great deal and the lifetime warranty is worth 10x more then the dealers 1 year warranty. I have my DJ equipment going to and from all the clubs I have been working at now for weeks and no down time. I feel so much safer now when I drive the jeep knowing you have rebuilt this unit and you stand behind it with that amazing warranty. I sure didn't find any better deals when I was shopping for this part. I also will need other parts and I will pass your # around here in Las Vegas.

Thanks Tom have a great new year!

DJ Pat



hey Pat Hows the ECM for your jeep working. It’s been a few years now right?

hey Tommy my jeep is working great lots of power and plenty good gas millage.

Wow that’s great keep up the good work on those DJ Partys.

I sure will Thanks man!