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Dallas York (706) 463-5417 - mobile
12/27/16 11:11 AM

Dallas York: Hey this is Dallas I'm so happy you got my truck going again thanks so much it's the best feeling in the world to hear my truck running again. So what happened, well a few days before thanksgiving I jumped started another truck and that's when it fried both batteries in my truck and got the ECM as well, So I took it to a shop and of course a couple days later they called and said the ECM was bad so I started looking for a new one the cheapest one I could find was $900 then called the dealer they wanted $2,600 for one. So I didn't know what to do so a friend of mine found WorldECM and I called and talked to them and as soon as I got them the ECM a few days latter they called to let me know it was ready and they Fixed it. So I got it back and installed it and the truck has been running with no problems since. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing any kind of computer work for their trucks or cars thanks again WorldECM and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future thanks again 11:03 AM



Recently Updated: Dallas York (706) 463-5417 - mobile

5/23/18 11:59 PM 

Me: Hey Dallas hows that ECM we rebuilt for you?? 8:24 PM
Dallas York: Good no issues I gave a car lot your number the other day they need a few rebuilt 11:02 PM
Me: Hey wow thats great I'm going to add this to the website as a update. 11:58 PM
Dallas York: Ok no problem thanks again 11:59 PM
Me: Thank you Dallas 11:59 PM


New Update: 8-1-2019 10:00 AM

Hey Dallas just doing updates. Hows your truck

So far so good still running fine we pull a 5th wheel camper with it almost 2 times a month never had anymore problems from the ECM
Good deal!
Well your internet famous now
Lol man I’ve been telling ever shop or person that I can to give you a holler
lol Niceeee TY