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02 international Vt365 Ecm 1839053C2

Richard Wilson

Great news from Richard the International is back up and running with our rebuilt ECM now. A business truck down for 5 months, but we got it running great again..

 Me to  +1520551xxxx Add - Tucson, AZ

7:39 PM 7 minutes ago
Me: Any news yet on that truck?

8:06 PM +1520551xxxx: It's in the truck but the batteries are dead took battery to be changed out

8:09 PM Me: Oh yeah its been sitting awhile well let's hope for the besy

8:11 PM +1520551xxxx: Sure

8:11 PM Me: okay I got my fingers crossed be good to hear you got it going again

8:52 PM  +1520551xxxx: In the morning hopefully

8:53 PM Me: ok good deal.. If you need the other unit we can rebuild that one or I got a replacement on the shelf

8:56 PM Me: How that truck doing??

7:19 PM +1520551xxxx: It's running he said it is good

7:20 PM Me: So how do you feel about my ECM now???

7:24 PM +1520551xxxx: This one is good

7:25 PM +1520551xxxx: I have not got to drive it yet

7:26 PM Me: thats right you now have a great ECM with a Lifetime Warranty..

7:26 PM  +1520551xxxx: Cool

7:27 PM Me: You need to make sure you get that core back to me or the warranty will be voided

7:28 PM Me: Thats a expensive core

7:28 PM +1520551xxxx: I have it ready to go in a box

7:29 PM Me: Good man!!

7:30 PM Me: do you have the address to ship it in

7:30 PM  +1520551xxxx: Yes

7:30 PM Me: how long was that truck not running?

7:33 PM  +1520551xxxx: 5Mo

7:34 PM Me: wow thats a lot of loss for a business

7:35 PM  +1520551xxxx: Yeah

7:36 PM Me: Can I add your story to the happy customer page? 7:36 PM +1520551xxxx: Sure thing

7:37 PM Me: ok ty 7:39 PM